Thursday, June 7, 2012

Past Crafting Project - DIY Blanket!

I'm so excited to post up some of my past & present projects on this blog!! I was actually working on a project today. BUTT! I can't post up any photos or any clues about it until I give the gifts away! ;]

SOOO before I post that blog up, I'll post up some past (and still recent-ish) projects that I've done this year. This is made a blanket that I made for my (sorority) Lil Sis Tien in March 2012.

I just looked up DIY blanket online and made the entire blanket in one night. It's actually a really easy project. The only tedious thing was cutting out all the letters out (it was my first time doing it in a long time with felt!), cutting the sides & put knots around the entire blanket.

I already had some felt that I bought from Diaso (Japanese dollar-ish store). I was planning to use the felt to cut out a lot of letters. I went to Joann's and bought some SOFT ASS fabric to make a blanket with. I bought two 3 yards of fabric. Freakin' $19.99/ yard! YIKES! Little did I know how darn expensive it was. -.- My cousin called me crazy for not going to Walmart to get my fabric D; I DIDN'T KNOW. I was a NEWB =( And MIND YOU, none of the coupons I had worked for the fabric specifically =/

I cut the extra fabric on the side (it usually states something like "JOANN'S FABRIC" on the side of the fabric). I aligned the fabrics and cut 2" by 2" (or however long your strips will be) square on the corners. Then I cut 2" inches long strips by 1" in width around the entire blanket. Then I just double knot the entire thing taking the green & blue strips and knotting it together. Lastly, I finish cutting the letters that I was missing, aligned the letters and glued them on the now completed blanket!

*Side note/ advice: DO NOT USE "FELT GLUE" I say use a hot glue gun to glue the letters on and maybe even go an extra step and sew the letters on -.- I was in a hurry so I didn't do that. I had my lil sis wash the blanket since (I'm OCD with being clean) and the blanket was on the floor. After she washed and dried the blankey, ALL THE LETTERS FELL OFF T___T So we had to hot glue them back on -.- #FAILED.

It took many many LONGGG hours and I stayed up supper late finishing it, BUT! It was worth it! ^___^

PHOTOS: (BTW, this was my first time posting up photos. It's SOO difficult! D; I'm still learning how to use this site! It's not like my comfy Xanga X__X  && Photos taken with my cell phone!!)

Cutting out the letters.
Cutting off the excess fabric on the side. I put the letters
on the blanket to see if it fit.
Aligned the two fabric.
Cut a 2" by 2" on the corners of the blanket. (Or however long your
strips are) Cut 2" long and 1" wide strips all around
the entire blanket. 
Finish aligning the letters.
&& Taking a break. LOL.
Blue side it is! =D
Yeah!!! =] (I'm on the right. My precious lil on the left <3)


P.S. HI LIL!!! Behind the scene shit for you =D


  1. Omg your room is messy! haha omg I research like crazy when I buy stuff but I would of learned the hard way too. omg love you! XDD

  2. ack i look so moded -,-

  3. lol... "Stiff Lil" & "moded lil" HAHAHA <3