Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[072413] EMPTIES #1 (#6 on my Instagram)

1. Gariner Nutrisse Ultra Color Hair Dye for dark hair in R1: My go to red hair dye. I’ve used like 3 boxes of these this past year. Love itt!

2. SkinMD Natural Shelding Lotion: I like it a lot. It’s fast drying and moisturizing. It’s a good face & body lotion, but it’s not moisturizing for my hands when I have a little bit of enzyme. The only down fall is that I could only buy it online. It’s extremely hard to find it in stores :[

3. Head Shoulders: My go to scalp shampoo. Been using it for years. Used up hella bottles of it this year!

4. Revlon Color Silk Luminista Hair Dye for dark hair in 150 Red: I don’t really like it. It comes off more burgundy thank red -__- I’ll stick with my Gariner one.

5. Simple Facial Wipes It’s been in almost every empties (on my Instagram). That says something….

6. St Ives Skin Renewing Body Lotion Collagen Elastin: It’s ok. Smells ok. I just ran out of body lotion and desperately needed some. I won’t purchase it however, it’s not AMAZING.

7. Suave Natural  Mango Mandarin Body Lotion: Once again. I desperately needed it. It smells good, but I won’t go out of my way to pay for it. It is however, comparable to the Bath & Body Works lotion. But a fraction of the price.

8. Essence of Beauty (from CVS) Brush Cleaner: I’ve had this sucker for YEARS!! I mean probably since 2009!! It takes forever to use up (Which isn’t a bad thing) It works and it’s affordable. I’d probably buy another one in the future.

9. Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel: I’ve used this since I was a kid. It’s affordable and it works ok. I don’t really like the taste, but it does whitening your teeth a bit. I only stopped using it because I lost the teeth tray that came with them =/

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